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You will need the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to see and print the pdffiles on this page. You can download the program for free on Adobe's website.

If you want help filling out these forms, click i-can!. This link will take you to another website, ICAN Legal Massachusetts. You can answer some simple questions and ICAN will fill-out the forms for you. Then you can  print, copy, and serve them on your landlord and file them at court. Once you are on the ICAN website, just follow the instructions.

  pdf Sample Summary Process Complaint   pdf Sample Execution   pdf Lockout/Utility Shut-off Demand Letter i-can! pdf Motion to Dismiss   pdf Representing Yourself in an Eviction pdf Housing Code Checklist i-can! pdf The Answer: How to Defend Your Eviction i-can! pdf Discovery: Getting Information for Trial   pdf Discovery: for Tenants and Former Owners in Foreclosed Properties i-can! pdf Transfer Form i-can! pdf Removing Default   pdf Where Do You File an Appeal   pdf Appeals in Housing and Superior Courts   pdf Appeals in District Courts   pdf Getting Time to Stay If You Lost Your Case   pdf Indigency Affidavit: Asking for Court Costs


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