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Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

Housing Code Checklist  
An easy-to-use checklist that tells you what the minimum legal
requirements for rental housing are under the State Sanitary Code.    

Tenant Lead Law Notification & Tenant Certification Form    
Before you move into an apartment built before 1978, the landlord must
give you this lead warning notice and a copy of of any lead inspection

Repair Letter    

Repair Demand Letter    

Letter Requesting an Inspection    

Rent Withholding Letter    

Repair and Deduct Letter    

Tenant Petition to Enforce State Sanitary Code    

Temporary Restraining Order    
You can use this form to ask a court to order your landlord to correct
a problem (such a make an emergency repair) or stop doing something
illegal (such as locking you out of your apartment).  

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Created May 10, 2006
Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
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