When will I get my SNAP benefits?

Your SNAP benefits are put in your EBT account on the same day each month based on the last digit of your Social Security Number.

Last Digit of SSN

Benefit Deposit Date





















Your “SNAP month” runs from the day your benefits are deposited to the day before the deposit would be due in the next month. For example, if your SSN ends in 5, your benefits are deposited on the 8th of the month, and your SNAP month for March is from March 8 through April 7.

If you have just applied, the first amount of benefits will be retroactive to your date of application.

DTA has to decide on your application and make sure you get your SNAP benefits within 30 days of the day you apply or a notice of denial. 

If approved, you should receive a DTA approval notice and benefits by Day 30. 106 C.M.R. § 361.700(A).  Unless you pick up your card in person, you should receive two envelopes in the mail that include your EBT card and a PIN (these come in separate envelopes). Your SNAP benefits should be loaded onto the EBT card so you can go food shopping by Day 30.

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Last Updated January 2016

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