What if I do not receive my EBT card or if my EBT card is lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen Bay State Access EBT card, call EBT Customer Service at 800-997-2555. DTA will replace your card, but DTA will not replace any SNAP benefits that are stolen from your account. 106 C.M.R. § 364.900 (D). Once you report a lost or stolen card you can get a new PIN (Personal Identification Number) so benefits cannot be stolen from your account.

You can wait for a card in the mail, or you can go directly to your local DTA office to pick up a new card. Any DTA office can issue you a replacement EBT card.  Your old card will become deactivated and the value of your SNAP benefits will be transferred to the new EBT card.

$5 EBT replacement fee with exceptions

If you receive cash or SNAP benefits and you lose your EBT card, DTA may also charge $5.00 for replacement of a replacement EBT card. You do not pay this in cash but DTA will deduct the $5.00 from your cash or SNAP benefits in your EBT account.  This policy started in April of 2013.

DTA should not charge the $5 fee if you need a replacement EBT card if:

  • the EBT card was lost in the mail and you never transacted the EBT card that was sent to you,
  • the EBT card did not work correctly,
  • you are a victim of domestic violence,
  • your SNAP/cash case was closed for more than 30 days and you reapplied, and
  •  other good cause exceptions.

Multiple EBT replacement policy

Under DTA procedures, SNAP and cash (TAFDC or EAEDC) recipients that have received more than four replacement EBT cards within twelve months are now required to  contact the DTA case manager to talk about the reasons for multiple requests and how use of the EBT cards.

No request for a replacement EBT card can be denied if the person is otherwise eligible. Some EBT recipients may be confused about the hard works due to a disability, or an abusive partner or third party is taking the EBT card. If you are in this situation, contact a legal advocate.

Additional Policy Guidance:
Additional Policy Guidance:
  • $5 replacement charge for SNAP only recipients. Ops Memo 2013-16 (April 10, 2013) and 2013-18 (April 24, 2013).
  • Notice sent to clients receiving more than 4 replacement EBT cards in the past year regarding possible fraudulent use and explaining continuous nature of EBT card. Ops Memo 2012-50 (Oct. 16, 2012). Also see Ops Memo 2012-54. DTA imposes $5 fee for replacement of EBT cards for recipients who get both cash and SNAP. Ops Memo 2012-56 (Dec. 6, 2012). 
  • DTA procedures for replacing an EBT card within 5 days of request, or re-pinning an EBT card by mail. Ops Memo 2011-09 (Feb. 25, 2011).

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