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What is the Massachusetts SNAP crisis?

The Massachusetts SNAP crisis started last spring when DTA changed a lot of how it deals with SNAP cases.

Right now, DTA is denying and closing SNAP benefits at 8 times the rate around the country. At the same time, demand at Massachusetts food pantries is rapidly rising. 

The federal government pays for 100% of your SNAP benefits. Massachusetts is losing over $9.5 million every month in federal SNAP dollars. Economists found that every federal SNAP dollar creates $1.80 in the local economy.

Massachusetts is losing this extra money in the local economy. Many elders, children and residents in Massachusetts are going hungry. Food pantries that the state pays for are struggling to make a difference.

The Massachusetts SNAP crisis is caused by

  • DTA's new system of faulty data matches;
  • a single phone system that makes it hard to reach DTA workers;
  • local DTA offices that turn away clients and their proofs; and
  • DTA's slow and irregular processing of documents.

Find out more about the Massachusetts SNAP crisis through this fact sheet made by Greater Boston Legal Services and Massachusetts Law Reform Institute. See Advocacy Tools on MassLegalServices.

Are you having problems with your SNAP case? See Tips to protect your SNAP Food Stamp benefits.

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Created April 2015

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