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TAFDC September Clothing Allowance

What is the TAFDC September Clothing Allowance?

The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) pays a $200 clothing allowance for children in September. Families get $200 for each child in the family who gets Transitional Assistance for Families and Dependent Children (TAFDC).

Can my child get the clothing allowance?

Only children who get TAFDC get the September clothing allowance. Children who just get SSI cannot get the clothing allowance. If your child cannot get TAFDC he or she cannot get the clothing allowance.

I am a teen parent. Can I get the clothing allowance for myself?

If your family gets TAFDC because you are a dependent child, you will get the $200 clothing allowance. You can also get the $200 clothing allowance for each child you have, as long as they get TAFDC.

How do I get the clothing allowance?

If you get TAFDC now, you do not have to do anything to get the clothing allowance. In September, DTA will pay your family $200 for everyone in the family who is less than 19 and gets TAFDC. If you are not on TAFDC, apply by September 1. If you are given TAFDC, you will also get the clothing allowance for September.

What if we do not get TAFDC at all, can we get the clothing allowance?

Apply for TAFDC before September 1. The income limits for TAFDC go up for the month of September. You may be able to get TAFDC for September, even if you could not get TAFDC before. If you can get TAFDC for September, you will also get the clothing allowance.

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Last Updated August 2010

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