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Forms and Sample Letters

DCJIS Complaint Form to use when DCJIS has sent you a CORI that says you have no criminal history and you know you do. See How do get my CORI for when I had a different name?

DCJIS Complaint Form for Incorrect Criminal Record Information to report other mistakes on your CORI.

DCJIS guidelines for how to correct your CORI.

Motion to Correct CORI You can use this motion form in the court where the case comes from to correct mistakes on your CORI. Fill it in with your information. If do you not have Word on your computer, use this RTF file

Personal Massachusetts Criminal Record Request Form

Petition to Seal for sealing CORI or Juvenile Criminal Records by mail.

Sample Petition to Seal for sealing CORI by mail.

Sample Petition to Seal Decriminalized Marijuana Charges.

Petition to Court to Seal Record of Adult or Juvenile Massachusetts Court Appearances

Changed Person Letter

Personal Massachusetts Juvenile Court Activity Record Information Request Form for offenses before your 17th birthday.

Affidavit of Indigency You can fill in this form on your computer and print out. If you check box A, remember to circle the benefit you get, after you print the form. At the top of page 2 the fee for getting a copy of your CORI is already filled in. You cannot save the filled in version of the form on your computer.

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