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How does the DOR/CSE get a child support order?

Produced by Attorney Jeff Wolf for MassLegalHelp
Reviewed June 2013

When you apply to the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division (DOR/CSE) for child support, they file the forms at court for you. Filing the forms starts the court case.

If you do not know where the other parent is or who the father is, DOR/CSE needs to know before they can get child support. They will try to find the father and they will file a paternity case to find out who your child’s father is.

DOR/CSE must let the other parent know when they start a case. This is called “serving.”

DOR/CSE sets up the court date.

DOR/CSE tells you and the other parent the date you both need to be at court.

A DOR/CSE lawyer goes to court with you. The lawyer asks the judge to make an order for child support.

Even though the DOR/CSE files the child support case for you, you still must fill out paperwork. The DOR/CSE gives you the forms. Make sure to fill out all the forms and return them to the DOR/CSE.


Sometimes it is better to go court on your own or with your own lawyer. Read more about getting child support.

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