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What happens if the other parent has other children to support?

Produced by Attorney Jeff Wolf for MassLegalHelp
Reviewed August 2013

Your children have the right to get child support. That is the law even when the other parent supports other children that are not yours.

The “non-custodial parent” is the parent who pays the child support. He or she is also called a “payor”.

If the payor already pays child support for a different child support order, does he or she also have to support my child?


How does the court figure out how much child support I get for my child?

The judges use the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet to figure out child support. Payors subtract the amount that they pay for the support of other children from their income on the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.  After the other expenses are subtracted, the rest of the income is used to figure child support for your child.

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