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Motion to Impound - Forms and Samples

Produced by Mass Law Reform Institute
Reviewed May 2021

Courts use a special form for impounding information in 209A Restraining Order and 258E Harassment Protection Order cases. See Protecting my Information in 209A and 258E cases

Motion to keep addresses private from the other side in your case

Blank Fillable Motion to Impound Address from Other Party in Probate and Family Court, Proposed Order, and Affidavit.

Sample Motion to Impound New Address In this sample the wife has moved to a new address that her husband does not know. She files a Motion to Impound her address in her divorce case.

Motion to keep sensitive information from the public

Blank Fillable Motion to Impound Documents and Information from Public and Court Staff

Sample Motion to Impound Sensitive Information - Entire Case File In this sample the case involves the sexual abuse of a minor child. One parent filed a Motion to Impound the Entire File because it would be harmful to the child if any of the documents were available to the public.

Sample Motion to Impound Sensitive Information - Individual documents In this sample, a mother files a Motion to Impound because she wants to keep documents about their health history out of the public file.

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