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Will I know before my car is repossessed?

Produced by Will Komos, Ryan Metz, Kelsea Schimmel with attorney assistance from Raven Moeslinger
Created February, 2021

10 or more days after you miss a payment, the lender can send you a “Rights of Defaulting Buyer” notice.

Right of Defaulting Buyer image

This notice says they plan to take you to court or repossess your car for non-payment. They must send you the “Rights of Defaulting Buyer” notice before they take your car.

The “Rights of Defaulting Buyer” notice must:

  • Have the exact title, “Rights of Defaulting Buyer under the Massachusetts Motor Car Installment Sales Act.”
  • Tell you the amount you owe.
  • Tell you who to pay.
  • Tell you the date you must pay that amount to come current and avoid repossession. The date is 21 days from the date of the notice. And,
  • Tell you that you can get your car back if,  within 20 days after the repossession, you pay:
    • The whole loan amount. Plus
    • The costs of repossession.

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