Schedule H: Your Codebtors

Produced by Attorney Mariah Jennings-Rampsi for MassLegalHelp
Created October 2016

Get Schedule H: Your Codebtors from the US Bankruptcy Court website.

Save the form on your computer.

On Schedule H list anyone who is:

  • a co-signer or joint debtor on any of your debts, or
  • anyone who you co-signed for. 

If you and your spouse are filing bankruptcy together do not list your spouse.

Do not list anyone who has passed away.

In the top box put your name and your spouse’s if you are both filing.

Put in "Mass." after "District of".

The clerk will give you the Case No. when you file your Bankruptcy Petition.

form header

Schedule H is pretty easy to fill out. It is important to understand the question before you answer it.

Question 1

If you do not have any codebtors, check the box that says "No".

Question 2

  • In the last 8 years, If you have not lived in one of the states listed here, check "No." and go to question 3.
  • If you have lived in one of these states, check "Yes" and answer the rest of the questions.


Question 3

If you have a codebtor, list their name and address in the first column.  You must try to find your codebtor’s address if you do not know it.

You have already put the debt you have with each codebtor on Schedule, D, E/F or G. Check the box on Schedule H next to the schedule where you put the debt.  Look at your Schedule D, E/F or G.  List the line where you named the creditor.

codebtors debt

Filing without a lawyer

  • Bankruptcy is complicated. Filing without a lawyer is risky.
  • You can lose property and money. You can go to jail if you do not tell the truth.

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