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How do I file an answer?

Produced by Mariah Jennings-Rampsi, South Coastal Counties Legal Services, with funding from American College of Bankruptcy
Created June 2012

District Court or Superior Court

In a case in District Court or Superior Court, you can fill out the sample answer. Add your own information and any counterclaims or defenses you have.  You can also create your own answer.  You must give the original of the answer to the court. Also, give a copy to the creditor’s attorney.  Always keep a copy for yourself.

Create your own Answer in a Debt Collection case.

Small Claims Court

In a small claims court case, you do not have to file an answer.  You can just go to court and tell the judge or magistrate your defenses.  But it is a good idea to file an answer so you can tell the court all the reasons the plaintiff should not win.  In your answer, write down why the plaintiff should not win. Include your claims against the plaintiff.

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