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What do I do about Interrogatories?

Produced by Mariah Jennings-Rampsi, South Coastal Counties Legal Services, with funding from American College of Bankruptcy
Reviewed December 2019

The plaintiff may mail you a package of questions about your case.  These are called Interrogatories. You must answer the questions within 45 days. The plaintiff is hoping your answers will help them win the case. You can send the plaintiff interrogatories to find out information from them. See How do I get Discovery?

If you do not answer the questions by the deadline, the Plaintiff may be able to get a default judgment against you.  A default judgment means the plaintiff wins the case because you did not follow the rules.

  • You can object to Interrogatories. It’s complicated to know when to object. If you think you need to object, talk to a lawyer.
  • Answer the questions in writing.
  • Read each question very carefully. Only answer exactly what is asked.


Only admit that you owe an amount of money if you are sure that you owe that money. If you never agreed to pay the plaintiff, do not say you agreed to repay him. Do not assume anything. Just because you know you owe money on a credit card, it does not mean you owe money to the plaintiff. The plaintiff may not be the credit card company.

  1. Sign your answers.
  2. Make a copy for yourself.
  3. Mail the signed answers to the Plaintiff before the deadline. You can find the deadline in the letter that came with the interrogatory package.

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