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Student Loans

Produced by Attorney Mariah Jennings-Rampsi for MassLegalHelp
Created May 2016

You must pay back your student loans.

Debt relief companies may promise to help you, but they may leave you in worse shape.

  • Do not stop making payments on your loans.
  • Never pay anyone that promises to help you to get rid of your student loans debt.

If your student loan is a federal loan, the Department of Education has free programs to help you pay back the debt. Some repayment plans can lower your payment.  Other plans forgive part of your debt so you do not have to pay back all the money.

If your student loan is from a private lender you do not have as many choices. But get in touch with your lender to ask for help.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a toolkit to help you know your options if you are struggling to pay your student loans.  See the Federal Trade Commission's information about  Student Loan Debt Relief.

If you have already been working with a debt relief company make sure they are not on the Federal Trade Commission's list of Banned Mortgage Relief and Debt Relief Companies and People.

If the company you work with is on the list, get in touch with your local legal aid program right away!

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