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Crime Glossary

Produced by Greater Boston Legal Services
Reviewed July 2019

Common Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses

Affray: c. 272, s. 53 (misdemeanor)

Armed assault in dwelling house: c. 265, s. 18A (felony)

Armed robbery: c. 265, s. 17 (felony)
Unarmed robbery: c. 265, s. 19 (felony)

Arson: c. 266, s. 2 (felony)

Assault: c. 265, s. 13A (misdemeanor)

Assault & battery: c. 265 s. 13A (misdemeanor, but an A & B while Ch. 209A order in effect is a felony ; indecent A & B is a felony )

Assault & battery on elder or disabled: c.265, s. 13k (felony)

Assault or assault & battery on an EMT:
c. 265, s. 13I (misdemeanor)

Assault & battery on public employee: c. 265, s. 13D (misdemeanor)

Assault & battery with a dangerous weapon: c. 265, s. 15A (felony)

Assault with dangerous weapon on elder: c.265, s.15B (felony)

Assault on childless than16 with intent to rape:
c.265, s. 24B (felony)

Assault-indecent assault(felony)

* on childless than 14: c.265, s. 13B
* aggravated on childless than 14
* subsequent offense on child less than 14
* on mentally retarded
* on elder or disabled

Assault with intent to commit felony:
c.265, s.29 (felony)
Assault with intent to rape: c.265, s.24 (felony)
Assault with intent to rob or murder(armed): c.265, s. 18 (felony)

Assault with intent to rob or murder(Unarmed): c.265, s. 18 (felony)

Breaking & entering building : 266 s. 16 (felony)

Burglary, unarmed: c. 265, s. 15 (felony)
Burglary, armed assault: c. 266 s. 14 (felony)
Burglary tools possession: c, 266, s. 49 (felony)

Carjacking: c. 265, s. 21A (felony)

Common night walker: c. 272, s. 53 (misdemeanor)

Compulsory vehicle insurance violation
c. 90, s. 34J (misdemeanor)

Criminal harassment: c. 265, s. 43A (misdemeanor)

Dangerous weapon, carrying or unlawful possession: c. 269, s. (10(b) & 10 (d)

Disorderly person, c.272, s. 53

Destruction of property-see malicious destruction

Drug possession-
Possession of controlled substance: c. 94C, s. 34:
* misdemeanor for class A, B, C, D or E
* misdemeanor for heroin
* 2nd offense heroin: felony
* 2 ounces or less marijuana: no longer a crime
* More than 2 ounces marijuana: misdemeanor

Drug possession- controlled substance with intent to distribute: c. 94C, s.32-32D
Class A, B, C: Felony
Drug: Possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute: Class D & E: Misdemeanor

Drug: Possession of drug paraphenelia, c. 94c s. 32I(misdemeanor)

Drug sale in school zone: c.94C, s. 32J(felony)

Engaging in sex for a fee, c. 272 s. 53A (misdemeanor)

Extortion (attempted): c. 265, s.25 (felony)

False representations to procure welfare: see Welfare fraud (misdemeanor)

Failure to stop (vehicle) after causing personal injury or property damage: c. 90, s.24 (misdemeanor):

Firearms: see unlawful carrying/possession

Forgery and counterfeiting certificate, other writings: c. 267, s.1 (felony)

Home invasion: c. 265, s. 18C (felony)

Indecent Exposure: C. 272, s.53 (misdemeanor)

Intimidating witness, juror: c. 268, s. 13B (felony) (if convicted never sealable)

Kidnapping: c. 265 s. 26 (felony)
Kidnapping of minor by relative: c. 265 s. 26A (misdemeanor if by relative, but felony if child removed from Commonwealth)

Larceny: c. 265, s. 30 (misdemeanor if less than $250; felony if $250 or over )
Larceny of firearm: c. 266 s. 30 (felony if stolen property is firearm)
Larceny of vehicle: c .266, s. 28 (felony)
Larceny from the person: c. 266, s. 25 (felony)
Larceny by check: c 266, s. 30 ($250 under is misdemeanor and over $250 is felony)

Malicious destruction of property: c. 266, s. 127 (felony if willful and malicious; misdemeanor if wanton)
Manslaughter: c. 265, s. 13 (felony)

Motor vehicle theft: c. 266 s. 28 (felony)

Open & gross lewdness: c. 272, s. 16 (felony)
Operating to endanger: c.90, s. 24(2)(a)

Perjury: c. 268, s. 1 (Misdemeanor)
(If convicted not sealable)
Prostitution/solicitation: c. 272, s. 53A (misdemeanor)

Rape: c. 265, s. 22 (felony)
Rape of child under 16, including statutory rape (felony): c. 265, sections 22A, 22B, 23, 23A, 23B, 23C

Receiving stolen property: c. 266, s. 60 (misdemeanor if less than $250; felony if second offense or the property exceeds $250)

Resisting arrest: c. 268, s. 32B (misdemeanor
and now sealable even if you were convicted)

Robbery (armed): c. 265, s. 17 (felony)
Robbery (unarmed): c. 265, s. 19 (felony)

Sex for a fee: c. 272, s. 53A (misdemeanor)

Shoplifting: c. 266, s. 30A (misdemeanor)

Stalking: c. 265, s. 43 (felony)
Threats: c. 275, s. 2, 4 (misdemeanor)

Trafficking in marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opium, etc.: c. 94C, s. 32E (felony)

Trespass: c. 266, s. 120 (misdemeanor)

Unlawful carrying firearm: c. 269, s. 10(a)(d) (felony)
Unlawful possession of firearm or ammunition, c. 269, s. 10(h)(1): (misdemeanor)

Unnatural and lascivious acts: c. 272, s. 5

Uttering or fraudulent checks: c. 266, s. 37 (same as larceny by check)
Uttering false, forged or counterfeit note: c. 267, s. 10 (felony)

Welfare fraud: c. 18, s. 5B (misdemeanor)

For a complete list of crimes, see the Master Crime List found on the Executive Office of Public Safety website.