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How do I get my CORI for other names I used?

Produced by Greater Boston Legal Services
Reviewed October 2015

The CORI report problem

Getting your CORI report is a first step which puts you on the road to figuring out which of your criminal records might be sealed.  Because of changes in the CORI computer system in 2012, people who changed their names, used another name, or had their names spelled wrong by police sometimes get a ‘false negative’  report that says they have no CORI.  This does not mean the CORI report that employers, landlords or others get, will say the same thing.

It is important that the CORI report you get is right so that you can find out what criminal records you have and what cases might be sealed.

What to do

DCJIS has changed its CORI request form and you are permitted to list all the names you have used in the past.  Be sure to list not only the name you use now, but any name you have ever used.

If you still get a CORI report that is wrong, you could:

  1. go to the court where you had a case that should be listed and ask a probation officer for help.   You can ask the probation officer to look at your record in the probation database and correct any mistakes in spelling of your name, your birth date, and your social security number.
  2. Fill out the complaint form for incorrect CORI and send it to the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS). Download a sample complaint form to use as an example to help you with your form.

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