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Eviction and housing rights during Covid pandemic - Community Questions

Created April 23, 2020

Questions and Answers for Massachusetts community advocates

On April 23, 2020, the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission sponsored a virtual question and answer session for community advocates in Massachusetts about eviction and housing rights during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Presenters included staff from Greater Boston Legal Services, the Justice Center of Southeast Massachusetts, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Rosies Place, Suffolk University Law School, and the Western Division of the Massachusetts Housing Court.

Find the part of the video where they talk about:

An overview of the eviction moratorium.

How the eviction moratorium applies to all tenants, regardless of immigration status.

The eviction moratorium stops all five stages of the eviction cycle.

What if your landlord is harassing you for rent?

If I cannot pay rent, do I still owe it?

Impact of immigration status.

What if your landlord wants to get into your apartment for a repair?

Can my landlord lock me out?

What about public and subsidized housing?

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