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Can my landlord make me move-out if they have a judgment?

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Reviewed August, 2021

If your landlord got a judgment, they may still not be able to move you out if:

  • The national CDC moratorium applies to you, or
  • The judge does not give your landlord an execution.

The national CDC moratorium

Find out if you can stop your eviction using the national CDC moratorium. See COVID-19 and Housing.

Stay of Execution

The execution is the paper your landlord needs to physically move you out of your home.

Ask the judge not to give your landlord the execution.

Fill out a Stay of Execution form. Call your housing court and ask how to file it. The judge will meet with you over the phone or in a video conference.

If they give you the “Stay of Execution,” then you can stay in your home.

Learn more about Challenging a Court-Ordered Eviction.

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