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I live in public or subsidized housing. What happens to my rent?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Created May, 2020

Will my rent go up because of the federal $1,200 stimulus payment?

No. Your stimulus payment is not part of your “counted income” and your rent will not go up. 


I lost my job.  Will my rent go up because of the extra $600 each week in unemployment that lasts until July 31?  

Regular unemployment payments are income for rent setting purposes. 

But your rent should not go up because of the extra $600 each week from unemployment:

  • In the most federal rental programs the $600 is not counted.  Your rent will not go up.
  • In state housing programs your rent should be no higher than your March rent even if you get the $600/week unemployment or if you are working and your earned income goes up.  

Find What Type of Housing you have.

Always report changes in your income to your management office right away.  Report when you lose your job and when you get unemployment.  Pay the rent you are charged.


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