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You can ask for Child Support when you file for a 209A Restraining Order

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed April 2021

209A complaint forms include a form to ask for child support.

If you need child support in your 209A case, there is an official form to use.

If you fill out the 209A application on your phone or computer, the application asks you if you need child support. And it includes the form you need to ask the court to include child support in your restraining order.

The form is called Plaintiff's Affidavit in Support of Request for a Child Support Order. See a sample.

  1. Check box 7 on Page 1 of the Complaint and
  2. the box in Section F of Page 2 of the Complaint.

The judge will check box 13 on the 209A Order form. If this box is checked, the defendant will see that:

  1. the court will decide about child support at the next hearing and
  2. they must bring financial information to court.

If you need child support

A judge should not send you to the Probate and Family Court or the Department of Revenue for child support if you can get it in your 209A case.

See Section 6:05B of the 2021 Guidelines, page 161.

If there is already a child support order

The judge should tell you to go back to the Probate and Family court that made the order.

See Section 6:05B of the 2021 Guidelines, page 161.

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How to Ask for a Child Support Order in a 209A Restraining Order Case

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