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How can survivors of domestic violence prepare for Probate and Family Court?

Created August 2018

To get ready for any court case, you need to prepare emotionally, legally, and practically. Preparing is critical if you and your children have experienced domestic violence. 

As soon as you know you have to go to court, start preparing.

Start with A Survivor’s Guide to Custody in the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court. The Guide is not just for custody cases. It helps you prepare for any case in the Probate and Family Court. 

Survivors of abuse, lawyers, and domestic violence advocates explain how the Probate and Family Court works. They provide information and share their suggestions. The Guide also includes references and resources to help you along your way.

The Custody Awareness Collaborative (CAC) produced the Guide. Caroline Robinson – editor MassLegalHelp, Jeff Wolf - managing editor Children and Families and Domestic Violence,  and Jamie Sabino staff attorney at Massachusetts Law Reform Institute are members of CAC.

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