Getting Help If You Are An Immigrant

I don't speak English well. Can I get
help in my own language?

If you speak Spanish, you can read this guide online in Spanish.

Legal Services offices use interpreters. If you can get free
legal help
you should get that help in your own language. Shelters and programs
for battered women also should get you an interpreter if you need one.

If you go to court, you have the right to an interpreter. You need to tell the
court that you need an interpreter. You need to ask for an interpreter as soon as you
find out you are going to court.

If you are an Asian woman and you have been abused, there is a special project
called the Asian Task Force Against Domestic
. There are offices in Boston and Lowell. The phone number for general
calls is 617-338-2350 and for the hotline it is 617-338-2355. This project provides
services in several Asian languages.

Women who are hearing impaired can call the Mass. Commission for the Deaf and Hard
of Hearing in Boston at 1-800-882-1155 (voice) or 1-800-530-7570 (tty) for
information about getting interpreters.

I am not a citizen of the United
States. Who can I call with questions about immigration issues?

Immigration law is a complex area of law. We cannot answer general immigration
questions in this guide.

Talk to a lawyer before contacting the United States Citizen and Immigration
Services (USCIS), formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service
(INS). You can safely look at the USCIS website for general information.

You may be able to get free
legal services
to help you with immigration issues. You can call the National Immigration Project of the
National Lawyers Guild
at 617-227-9727.' MetroWest Legal Services can also help. You can contact MetroWest at 508-620-1830 or 1-800-696-1501.

You can get information and referrals from the Massachusetts Immigrant And Refugee Advocacy
Coalition (MIRA)
. Their phone number is 617-350-5480.

I am an immigrant and the person who is
battering me is the one who is supposed to help me get my immigration status. Is
there special help for me?

Yes. Immigrant survivors of domestic violence have rights under a federal law
called the "Violence Against Women Act." You should talk to an immigration
specialist. Call one of the organizations listed above in Who can I call with questions about immigration issues? They may be able to help you file for immigration status under the Violence Against
Women Act.

Who to call for help

Ask a Law Librarian

If it's
9am and 4pm