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TAFDC for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed January 2019

TAFDC helps low-income pregnant women and families with children. To get TAFDC as a family, you must be related by blood or marriage to the child or children living with you.

TAFDC pays cash every month. The amount of cash you get depends on:

  1. the number of people in your family,
  2. if you are "exempt" from time limits, and
  3. if you live in private or subsidized housing.

If you get TAFDC, you automatically get MassHealth (Medicaid) and you will probably get Food Stamps too.

As part of the TAFDC program, you can get training, help finding a job, and help paying for child care and transportation. You may be able to get child care for a full year after you get off TAFDC. The child care benefit alone can make it worth applying for TAFDC, even if you only plan to stay on it for a short time.

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