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What do I have to do to keep getting TAFDC?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed February, 2019

You must follow TAFDC rules to get TAFDC benefits.

You may have to do things like go to an education or training program, do community service, or cooperate with child support enforcement to stay on TAFDC.

There are "exceptions" and "waivers" to following the rules

You do not need to follow all the rules if current or past domestic violence makes it unsafe or hard for you to do them.

If domestic violence or healing from domestic violence makes it hard for you to follow a welfare rule, you can apply for a "domestic violence waiver" of that rule.

You do not have to do things that you cannot do because of a disability.

Domestic Violence often causes both physical and emotional disabilities. 

If you have a disability you can get an exception called a "disability exemption" from the welfare work rules and the welfare time limit. If your disability makes it hard for you to meet other welfare rules, you can get extra help.

Learn more about TAFDC rules and how to get exemptions from them in the Income and Benefits section of MassLegalHelp:

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