Unemployment Insurance

If you lose your job, you may be able to get Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. These benefits help you keep up with paying your bills while you look for a new job. Unemployment benefits can also provide health insurance and job training, while you look for a new job. The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) runs the program.

You may be able to collect unemployment benefits if you were laid off from your job.  In some situations, you might also be able to collect benefits even if you were fired or if you quit (this would depend, on the circumstances). You might be able to get unemployment benefits even if you only worked part-time.  You will find more information about these issues in the following sections.

Most workers in Massachusetts can get unemployment benefits, but some cannot. Workers who cannot get Unemployment Insurance include:

  • employees of churches and some religious organizations;
  • independent consultants or independent contractors (people who not work under the direction and control of an employer);
  • some work-study students and student nurses;
  • real estate agents or brokers who work only for commissions;
  • insurance agents who work only for commissions;
  • elected officials and policy advisors.

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