Can I get into a Training Opportunities Program?

Produced by Greater Boston Legal Services
Created October 2010

To get into a Training Opportunities Program (TOP), 3 things must be true:

  1. You need to be eligible for regular Unemployment Insurance (UI); and
  2. You need to be "permanently separated" from your job. If you are on any temporary or short-term leave, you can not get into a program; and
  3. You need to improve or update your skills so that you can find another job.

 You may also be able to enroll in training if:

  1. you were laid off or fired because your  plant closed, or
  2. your employer permanently stopped doing as much business, or
  3. you quit, were fired, or laid off from a job in a "declining occupation". A declining occupation is a job that has no use for employees with your skill set.