How do I get an extra 26 weeks of Unemployment Insurance while I get training?

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Reviewed October 2014
  1. You must have used up all other state and federal UI benefits you could possibly get.
  2. Normally, you must apply for training within 15 weeks after you first apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI) to get the extra 26 weeks. 

    The federal government granted extensions to unemployment insurance on January 1, 2013. This means you can apply for training at any time.

  3. Find an approved course that will prepare you for the job market.  Any One-Stop Career Center can help you do this.  Online resources include: Massachusetts JobQuest and the Massachusetts Department of Education’s website.
  4. See DUA's webpage How to Apply for Training.
  5. Apply at least 3 weeks before training starts. It often takes DUA over 3 weeks to make a decision.  Do not start training before you get approval from DUA. You will not get UI benefits until DUA approves your application.