Special Rules for Tenants Living in Condominiums

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Lauren D. Song

If you live in a condominium as a tenant and you face the loss or the threat of the loss of utility service due to the failure of the association to pay utility or heat bills, there are steps you can take to protect your rights.

The DPU has published regulations that apply to condominiums. These regulations also describe which other DPU rules apply to condo associations, to individual condo unit owners, and to tenants in condo units.46 The regulations allow a condominium association to choose either the residential or commercial rate of the utility company, whichever is cheaper.47

The general DPU rules regarding pending bills, providing notice of termination, and offering payment plans apply when condo associations are customers. When units are separately metered, companies must give individual condo unit owners all special protections against shut-offs, as described in this chapter.48 When a condo unit is rented to a tenant, that tenant has all the rights described previously in this chapter about when landlords fail to pay.49


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