What are your rights if EOHLC denies your reasonable accommodation request?

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The EOHLC local office or EOHLC ADA Coordinators should give you a written decision on your request for reasonable accommodation no later than 30 days from your request. If you do not receive any response to your request within 30 days you can email the ADA Coordinators at [email protected]. If the local office denies your request in whole or in part, you can ask for reconsideration from the EOHLC Central Office Accommodation Appeal Committee by filling out the back of the form and giving it to your worker. Ask your worker to give you a copy of the completed form.

If the EOHLC Central Office Accommodation Appeal Committee denies your request for accommodation in whole or in part or does not make a decision within 10 days of your request for a decision, you can request a fair hearing by faxing or mailing a copy of an appeal request to the Division of Hearings. See EA and Homebase Appeals.

Advocacy Tips:

  • If you did not get an ADA denial from the Central Office Accommodation Appeal Committee, you may need to ask your EOHLC worker for a copy of an appeal form.
  • Try to get a legal advocate to help you with your request for reconsideration and your appeal. See Appendix C for a list of legal services offices.


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