COVID-19 and immigration

Reviewed November 2, 2020

You have a right to health care regardless of your immigration status.

Do not be afraid to seek medical care.

Go to your community health center if you are sick, injured, or receiving routine care. Call your doctor if you are coughing, feverish, feeling tired, or lacking sense of smell; or suspect that you have been exposed to the virus.

You have the right to safely get tested and seek care

Federal and state privacy laws require health care providers to keep patients’ personal information confidential (including immigration status).

Government resources are available to you

MassHealth Limited can pay for testing and treatment for immigrants not eligible for other government programs. MassHealth Limited will NOT be considered for Public Charge decisions, meaning it will not affect access to a Green Card. See MassHealth and Health Insurance.

Assitance from Non-Profit Organizations

MassUndocuFund, mutual aid organizations, and worker organizations are providing small cash grants for undocumented people and others who might not be eligible for other assistance. Jobs with Justice has more information.  Apply for a grant from MassUndocuFund.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Certain USCIS field offices and asylum offices resumed non-emergency face-to-face services to the public on June 4. 

You should have received a letter from USCIS field or asylum office with your rescheduled appointment, naturalization ceremony or asylum interview. 

Check  USCIS Office Closings on the day of your appointment.

If you had InfoPass or other appointments, see the section on rescheduling now that offices are open to the public again. Please check to see if the office in your jurisdiction has been reopened before reaching out to the USCIS Contact Center.

Find Legal Aid

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