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Ask a Law Librarian

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed April 2020

Massachusetts Trial Court has 15 law libraries.

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The court is serious about your right to justice. The law libraries' website quotes the Massachusetts constitution and the Declaration of Rights to tell you about your right to justice.

The law libraries and MassLegalHelp believe your right to justice means you have the right to the legal information you need. We also believe you have the right to legal information that is free.

Librarians are all about helping you find the information you need. Law librarians are experts in finding legal information.

You need a lawyer if you need someone to help you make a decision or tell you the best way to solve your legal problem. Law librarians cannot advise you about what you should do. But they can help you find the laws you need.

The law librarians welcome you and your questions. The law librarians in Massachusetts believe in your right to free legal information so much, they have come up with 3 ways to get more information.

From 9:00 to 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday, you can:

  1. Call your law library
  2. Text: (617) 674-1455
    If your answer will require more than 140 characters, please text your email address along with your question. This number is only for text messaging.
  3. instant message a law librarian.

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The rest of the time you can visit the Trial Court Law Libraries' website, or email them.


If you cannot find what you need on MassLegalHelp and you find yourself working with a law librarian, please tell her or him what you could not find. They will let us know and we will try to add it to our website as quickly as we can.

Find Legal Aid

You may be able to get free legal help from your local legal aid program. Or email a question about your own legal problem to a lawyer.

Ask a Law Librarian

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