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Read a transcript of a YouTube video in your desktop browser

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Created May, 2020
  1. Clickminimize if you are watching it in full screen.
  2. You will end up on YouTube.

  3. Find three dots ∙∙∙ below the video, to the right of “Save.”

    three dots

  4. Click the three dots ∙∙∙.

  5. Click “Open transcript.”

  6. open transcript

  7. The transcript will show to the right of the video.
  8. transcript
  9. Click on the words to move ahead to that part of the video. If you right-click the words you turn on and off the minute and second time stamps. Either way, click any words in the transcript and it will link you directly to the point in the video when those words are spoken.

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