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Appendix B: DHCD Field Operations Staff Contact Information by Office/Area

Reviewed January 2020
Alvina Brevard
Director of Field Operations
Mobile: 857-272-4484
(updated June 2019)

Boston Family Housing/1010 Mass. Ave

Benny Troncoso, Assistant Director Field Operations / Boston/South Shore

Office: 617-989-2222/Mobile: 617-312-3304

Anderson Diaz, Supervisor


Nicole Dandy, Supervisor


Grace Hartfield, Homeless Coordinator 617-989-2215
Jaisyn Melenciano, Homeless Coordinator 617-989-2223
Martha Smida, Homeless Coordinator 617-989-2218
Jean Sillice, Homeless Coordinator 617-989-2221
Iliana Ramirez, Homeless Coordinator; 617-989-2220
Juna Enayo, Homeless Coordinator 617-989-2224
Katherine Lopez, Homeless Coordinator 617-989-2211

North Shore (Salem, Chelsea, Lawrence)

Ezequiel Lopes, Assistant Director Field Operations / North Shore 

Ofice: 617-551-1833 / Mobile: 857-270-1150

Jose Gonzalez, Supervisor


Mobile: 617-429-3180

Melody Ruiz, Homeless Coordinator  978-224-3567
Flavia Salcedo, Homeless Coordinator  617-551-1707
Sean Wilson, Homeless Coordinator  978-725-7171
Claudia Peralta, Homeless Coordinator 978-446-2418
Evelyn Rivera, Homeless Coordinator 978-224-3552
Maria Polanco, Homeless Coordinator 978-725-7137

South Shore

Benny Troncoso, Assistant Director Field Operations / Boston/South Shore

Mobile: 617-312-3304

Jordan Thomas, Supervisor


Mobile: 857-248-2886

Isabel Semedo, Homeless Coordinator (New Bedford and Brockton)


Deborah Shields, Homeless Coordinator (Brockton) 508-895-7047
Medie Medina, Homeless Coordinator (Brockton) 508-895-7110
Ruth Ann Blake, Homeless Coordinator (Brockton & Hyannis)

Brockton: 508-895-7032

Hyannis: 508-862-6691

Amber Noyes, Hearing Specialist 508-895-7046

Central and Western MA

Bonnie Caldwell, Assistant Director Field Operations / Central & Western MA Mobile: 413-276-5562

Central MA (Worcester)

Sheila Santelli, Supervisor


Kim Lauder, Homeless Coordinator 508-767-3189
Barbara White, Homeless Coordinator 508-767-3329

Western MA (Springfield)

Twjana Williams, Supervisor 



Penelope Trigilio, Supervisor



Laurel Fuller, Homeless Coordinator    413-858-1332
Tracey Burton, Homeless Coordinator 413-858-1250
Juanita Diaz, Homeless Coordinator 413-858-1376
Nilda Colon, Homeless Coordinator 413-858-1258
Waldemar Moreno, Homeless Coordinator 413-858-1394
Shariece Davis, Homeless Coordinator 413-858-1302
Maryanna Cevan, Hearing Specialist 413-858-1366

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