Eviction Self Help Forms and Letters

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed June 2021

Housing Court

PDF icon Where the Housing Court Sits (January 13, 2020)

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CDC Eviction Moratorium Forms

CDC Declaration - the online interview MassAccess interactive forms icon includes the 2 different cover letters you can choose from to give to your landlord. Word icon PDF icon RTF icon MassAccess interactive forms icon
Cover letter to give your landlord with your CDC Declaration. Word icon PDF icon RTF icon
Cover letter to give your landlord with your CDC Declaration with a warning about criminal penalties if your landlord violates the order Word icon pdf icon RTF icon
Motion to Dismiss or Stay under the CDC Moratorium with instructions - Use this Motion to Dismiss to ask the court to dismiss your case or put your case on hold until the CDC moratorium ends. Word icon pdf icon RTF icon
Opposition to the Issuance of Execution - Use this Opposition to Issuance of Execution to ask the court to put your eviction on hold until the CDC moratorium ends. Word icon pdf icon RTF icon
Motion for Return of Execution or to Stay the Execution with instructions - Use this Motion form to ask the court to return the execution your landlord can use to move you out of your home or stop them from using it until the CDC moratorium ends. Word icon pdf icon RTF icon
Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed June 2020



PDF icon Repair Demand Letter (Form 10)

PDF icon Rent Withholding Letter (Form 12)

PDF icon Repair and Deduct Letter (Form 13)

PDF icon Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) (Form 15) You can use this form to ask a court to order your landlord to correct a problem, like making an emergency repair, or stop doing something illegal like locking you out of your apartment.
Or try the MassAccess interactive interview, MassAccess interactive forms icon Complaint for a Temporary Restraining Order, that lets you complete, review, sign and send your request for a Temporary Restraining Order to the court from your smart phone or computer.

PDF icon Form 18 Lockout Demand (Form 18) Use this form if you have been locked out of your apartment illegally, or if your landlord has shutoff your utilities illegally.

PDF icon Sample copy of a Summary Process Summons and Complaint(Form 19) This is what a summary process Summons and Complaint look like. If you receive this, immediately fill out Booklet 3. You have only a week or so to respond to the court.

PDF icon Motion to Allow Late Answer & Counterclaims Use this motion if you missed the Answer deadline and want to file an Answer.

PDF icon Sample Execution(Form 21) An Execution is the document a landlord gets from court that gives him or her permission to have a constable move you out. This form may vary from court to court.

PDF icon Motion to Dismiss (Form 20) Use this form if your landlord fails to follow the proper steps to terminate your tenancy or file an eviction case or if there is another reason that your case should be dismissed.

PDF icon Sample Letter to Give to a Constable About Where to Bring Your Belongings


PDF icon Booklet 1 Representing Yourself (June 2017)

PDF icon Booklet 2 Housing Code Checklist (June 2017)
An easy-to-use checklist that tells you what the minimum legal requirements for rental housing are under the State Sanitary Code.

PDF icon Booklet 3 The Answer (January 2021)
The Answer is a court form that tenants facing evictions can file with the court to outline your legal claims and tell the court your side of the story. Or use Greater Boston Legal Services' free self-help guided interview, MADE,  that asks you questions and helps you build the Answer you need to file at court.

PDF icon Booklet 4 Discovery (November 2020)
A form with instructions for tenants facing eviction to use to request information from the landlord to prepare for your trial.

PDF icon Booklet 4A Tenant Foreclosure Discovery (June 2017)

PDF icon Booklet 5 Transfer (April 2019)
A form you can file to transfer your eviction case from a District Court to a Housing Court.

PDF icon Booklet 6 Removing Default (June 2017)

PDF icon Booklet 7 Appeals (June 2017)
If you lost your eviction trial and think you have a good case, you may appeal. This document tells you which Appeal form to use.

PDF icon Booklet 7A Appeals In All Housing Courts (June 2017)
This is the appeal form to use if you lost your eviction case in a Massachusetts Housing Court or Superior Court.

PDF icon Booklet 7B Appeals In All District Courts (June 2017)
This is the appeal form to use if you lost your eviction case in a District Court.

PDF icon Booklet 8 Stay (June 2017)
A form tenants can use to ask a court for more time to move if you lost your eviction case or agreed to a court judgment to move out.

PDF icon Booklet 9 Affidavit of Indigency (June 2017)

PDF icon Booklet 10 Negotiating a Settlement of Your Case (June 2017)
includes a worksheet and stipulation forms to use when you go to court.

PDF icon Booklet 11 Error Correction Booklet (June 2017) Correcting Errors in Your Online Court Record.
This booklet includes the court form you can save to your computer, fill out, save again and print when ready.

PDF icon Eviction Storage Booklet

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