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After the Foreclosure

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Created July 2013

Within 30 days after the sale, the bank that sold your property must record a copy of:

  • the notice of sale, and
  • an affidavit that the foreclosure sale was conducted correctly.

The Registry of Deeds makes this information available online .

After the foreclosure, the new owner should send you a notice that tells you who won the auction. The winner of the auction is the new owner of your property.

You may not get the notice right away. It could take a few weeks.

If a bank is the new owner, they will have a property manager. You will get a notice that tells you the name of the property manager. Contact the property manager if there are problems with the house.

You can also find out who the new owner of your property is by looking at the deed. See the Registry of Deeds.

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