Tenants & Foreclosure: Protect Yourself


We are updating this and many other pages about tenants rights' in private housing.

You can get the updated information from PDF files while we update our web pages. See Legal Tactics: Tenants' Rights in Massachusetts, 2017.

September 2017

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Created April 2015

As a tenant, you have rights when your landlord gets foreclosed, but you need to take action to protect those rights. The new owner may try to evict you, shut off your utilities, keep your security deposit or last month’s rent, or say you do not have legal rights after the foreclosure.

Start to protect your rights as soon as you learn your landlord might lose the property to foreclosure.

If you are a former owner of a foreclosed property, your legal rights are not the same as tenants. See: Rights of Former Homeowners After Foreclosure.

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