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What can you do about bedbugs?

Produced by Massachusetts Justice Project
Reviewed October 2021

To eliminate an infestation

Protect mattresses

  • with plastic mattress covers designed to contain dust mites and bedbugs.
  • You may be able to get these plastic mattress covers from your doctor, or your doctor should know where you can get them.

Bedclothes, pillows, rugs and clothing

  • Wash in hot water and dry them at high heat in commercial laundry dryers. The high heat will kill bedbug eggs.
  • Keep clean laundry in sealed plastic bags to keep out bedbugs.

Discuss other steps with the exterminator.

Get the money you spent back

  • Keep all your receipts for what you spent.
  • Write a letter and ask your landlord pay you back the money you spent to get rid of bedbugs.
  • Keep a copy of your letter and the receipts.

Stop future infestation

  • Inspect furniture or luggage before moving them into your home.
  • Avoid taking in furniture if you do not know where it has come from, especially if it has cracks.
  • Clean carpets and vacuum floors frequently and discard vacuum cleaner bags immediately.
  • Eliminate clutter in your home to reduce the narrow hiding spaces that bedbugs prefer.

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