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EAEDC Advocacy Guide

Produced by Central West Justice Center, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute and Northeast Justice Center
Reviewed September 2017

Advocate's Guide to Emergency Aid to Elders, Disabled and Children in Massachusetts

Please note that this guide has not been updated since 2017. Please check with a legal services advocate for updates before relying on specific information in the guide.

EAEDC Advocacy Guide epub for Android or i-devices (September 2017)

EAEDC Advocacy Guide for Kindle (September 2017)

EAEDC Advocacy Guide for Kindle Fire And Kindle Touch (September 2017)

PDF icon Introduction

PDF icon Part 1 Categorical Eligibility (September 2017)

PDF icon Part 2 Other Eligibility Conditions (September 2017)

PDF icon Part 3 Financial Eligibility (September 2017)

PDF icon Part 4 Benefits (September 2017)

PDF icon Part 5 Applications and Proofs (September 2017)

PDF icon Part 6 Proving Continuing Eligibility (September 2017)

PDF icon Part 7 Appeal Rights (September 2017)

PDF icon Part 8 Overpayments and Fraud (September 2017)

PDF icon Introduction (September 2017)

PDF icon Table of Contents (September 2017)

PDF icon Covers and Acknowledgments (September 2017)

PDF icon EAEDC Advocacy Guide with Appendices (September 2017)

PDF icon Appendix A EAEDC Medical report form - fillable (September 2017)

PDF icon Appendix B EAEDC Disability Supplement - fillable (September 2017)

PDF icon Appendix C DES Disability Tracking Form (September 2017)

PDF icon Appendix D The Grid (September 2017)

PDF icon Appendix E Authorization for Reimbursement of Interim Assistance (September 2017)

PDF icon Appendix F Standards of Assistance (September 2017)

PDF icon Appendix G Request for Fair Hearing not fillable yet (September 2017)

PDF icon Appendix H Department of Transitional Assistance Offices Listing (September 2017)

PDF icon Appendix I Massachusetts Legal Services Offices (September 2017)


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