What is "emergency SNAP?"

Emergency SNAP is also called "expedited" SNAP. They are SNAP benefits that are issued more quickly than normal-- they have to be given to you within 7 days after you apply for SNAP. They are not extra SNAP—they are just a way to get you your first month's SNAP faster.

Can I get emergency SNAP?

You can get emergency SNAP if your income and savings are low enough.  DTA must screen you to see if you can get them. 

You can get emergency SNAP if any of the following apply to you:

  • you have earned or received less than $150 for the month and you have $100 or less in cash and savings; or

  • the cost of your rent or mortgage plus utilities is more than your gross monthly income plus your cash and savings; or

  • you are a migrant household with $100 or less in cash and savings.

What do I have to do to get emergency SNAP?

If your income is low enough to get emergency SNAP, all you need to do is apply for SNAP and show an ID. If you do not have any ID, DTA will check your identity by checking your Social Security number. They can also check your identity by calling someone who knows you. You may have to give DTA other documents later in order to keep getting SNAP after the first month.

What if I am homeless?

If you are homeless, DTA should process your SNAP as quickly as possible even if you cannot get emergency SNAP.

July 2018