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Reviewed January 2018


DTA must administer the program in accordance with the federal regulations issued by USDA and any waivers or demonstration projects approved by USDA.


DTA issues its own SNAP regulations. The DTA SNAP regulations are printed in Chapter 106 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (C.M.R.).


DTA policy guidance:

DTA issues a wide range of guidance on how the SNAP and cash eligibility rules work, BEACON rules, when to issue notices and more:

  • Since late 2014, DTA has issued field guidance through the DTA Online Guide. This Guide has detailed information to the field on cash and SNAP case handling matters and is very useful for case advocacy:
  • Until late 2014, most DTA guidance was issued through Field Operations Memos or Operations Memos, some of which is also cross referenced in the Online Guide. DTA also continues to release monthly Transitions magazine that includes some policy Q&As and other clarifications. We’ve posted DTA’s older policy memos and ongoing Transitions magazine

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