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If I move, how do I report my new address?

Produced by Patricia Baker and Victoria Negus
Reviewed January 2018

It’s important to tell DTA if your address changes so you don’t miss important notices. Also, if you move and your rent goes up, you may be eligible for more SNAP.

How do I know if DTA has my correct address? 

Check the addresses on the most recent notices DTA sent you. Or you can check by following the prompts on the DTA Assistance Line or downloading “DTA Connect.” DTA’s mobile app. See Can I get information on my case online (MAP) or from DTA Connect?

How do I report my address has changed?

  1. Call the DTA Assistance Line at 877-382-2363.  Follow the prompts to report your address change through the interactive phone system (you don’t have to talk to a live DTA worker).
  2. Change your address through DTA Connect. See Can I get information on my case online (MAP) or from DTA Connect
  3. Verbally report the change to a DTA worker on the Assistance Line or at a local DTA office, OR
  4. Send DTA your new address by fax or mail. If your rent has gone up, be sure to write down what your new rent amount is, and if you have heat, AC or other utilities separate from rent.

When you report a change of address DTA may send you a letter asking for verification of the address, amount of rent and if anything else changed in your household. If you are on Simplified Reporting, you do not need to reply to this letter! We advise you not to reply unless your housing costs went up when you moved. See What is Simplified Reporting?. If you are still a MA resident and you tell DTA about a new MA address, you should not have to reprove your residency.

What happens if mail is returned to DTA?  

DTA mail is not forwarded by the U.S. Post Office. Letters DTA sends you may get returned if you have moved. The steps DTA will take if they get returned mail are different depending on your reporting requirements. 

If you are on Simplified Reporting (most SNAP cases):

If DTA gets a forwarding address from the U.S. Post office, they will update the address in your case. If there is no forwarding address, they may also send you a check-in notice asking for your new address. Check DTA Connect if you are not getting notices from DTA. 

If you are on change reporting (if you get cash benefits and SNAP):   

DTA will send you a letter asking for more information (either to the address they have on file or the forwarding address, if there is one). If you do not respond, they will take steps to close your SNAP case. 

If DTA delays or stops your SNAP because they say they do not know where you are, contact Legal Services.

DTA Policy Guidance

DTA Online Guide: Cross Programs > Request for Assistance (RFA) > Address (RFA)

Additional Guidance
  • If mail returned as undeliverable to DTA, DTA will request verification of new address from household unless case is on Simplified Reporting. Automatic case closings if verification not returned.  Ops Memo 2013-13A (March 28, 2013) 

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