What are my rights if DTA denies my reasonable accommodation?

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Reviewed January 2020

It is unusual for DTA to deny a request for reasonable accommodation. However, if DTA cannot approve the specific accommodation you ask for, they are supposed to discuss what they can do instead. If DTA has not approved an accommodation you think you need, though, you may appeal.

DTA should give you a written decision on your request for reasonable accommodation no later than 30 days from your request. If DTA denies your request, or any part of it, you can ask the DTA Central Office Accommodation Appeal Committee to review the decision by filling out the back of the form and sending it to DTA.

The Committee has 10 days to make a decision on the reconsideration request. You can also file your request directly with the Committee if the local office does not decide your request in 30 days.

If the DTA Central Office Accommodation Appeal Committee denies your request for accommodation in whole or in part or does not make a decision in 10 days from your request for a decision, you can request a hearing by filling out the back of the form and sending it to the Division of Hearings.

Try to get a legal advocate to help you with your request for review and your appeal. See Appendix E for a list of legal services offices. See Appeal Rights on your appeal rights.

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