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Should I agree to get DTA text alerts or electronic notices?

Produced by Patricia Baker and Victoria Negus
Reviewed January 2018

There are many ways you can get information from DTA including DTA Connect, My Account Page and text messages. You have a choice about these options – you do not have to opt into them.

Text Messages

A Text Message is a short message sent to your cell phone. During 2018, DTA plans to send text messages about interview appointment reminders, DTA office closings and program changes. 

Text messaging is a fast way to get some information about your benefits. If you tell DTA you want to get text messages, they will still mail you DTA notices and forms.  Note, message and data charges may apply. Speak to your cell phone provider if you have questions about these charges



eNotification is a fast way to see information about your DTA benefits.  You will not have to wait for notices and forms to come in the mail. 

If you want to participate in eNotification, you need to create a My Account Page (MAP), sign a form and give DTA your email to get alerts. You will no longer receive paper notices.  DTA will still mail you Interim Reports and Recertifications. 

If you use DTA Connect or have a My Account Page, you can see notices any time you want AND still get paper notices. 

Once you enroll in eNotification DTA will send you an email each time you have a DTA notice posted to your MAP. The DTA email does not tell you what the notice says. To see the DTA notice, you must log on to your MAP each time to look at or print the notice. And you cannot respond to the notices DTA sends by email. You need to call or write them. 

WARNING: To sign up for eNotification, you must have an email address, a MAP account and have regular internet access. You should be comfortable using the MAP and on-line accounts (like on-line banking). It is extremely difficult to log into the MAP and view notices through a smart phone or similar mobile device.

Advocacy Reminders:

  • You can also out of eNotification at any point if you want to start getting paper notices again.
  • MLRI does not recommend eNotification for persons who are limited English proficient, have literacy challenges or are not comfortable using computers. The MAP is only in English. Some DTA notices require action so that you don’t lose your SNAP benefits.

DTA Policy Guidance

Online Guide Sections: DTA Assistance Line > DTA Alerts

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