What is the Interim Report and when do I need to do one?

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Reviewed January 2020

DTA will send you the Interim Report 45 days before the middle of your certification period. When you get the form, fill it out and get it back to DTA as quickly as possible so there aren’t delays in your SNAP.


Alexa is certified for 12 months, from January through December. She gets SNAP on the 1st day of each month. She should get the Interim Report by May 15th, 45 days before July 1st. She needs to finish the Interim Reporting process before July 1 to keep her SNAP without interruption.

The Interim Report (IR) asks you about certain household changes. The information you are required to tell DTA on the Interim Report is if:

  • Your income (earned or unearned) changed up or down by more than $100 per month,
  • You started or stopped a job,
  • You moved and your shelter costs changed,
  • Your household members have changed (eg. someone moved in or out or you had a baby),
  • Your child support payments that you are legally required to pay have changed. See What is the child support deduction?

If there has been a change, report the change on the IR form and follow the directions about what proofs to send DTA. That can make the process faster. You do not need an interview when you file the IR form. If DTA reviews your paperwork and determines they need additional proofs they will send you a Verification Checklist.

How to complete your Interim Report

What happens next with your IR

If you send back your IR form to DTA timely:

  • With all required proofs (or no proof is required in your case): DTA should continue your SNAP without interruption.
  • You are late in returning required poofs: Your SNAP will be delayed. If you get the proofs in within 30 days of when your case closed, DTA should reopen your SNAP back to the date DTA received your proofs
  • You did not send in the proofs at all: DTA will stop your SNAP. DTA must send you a notice if they are stopping your SNAP.

If you do not send the IR form back, your SNAP benefits will stop. DTA must send you a notice if they are stopping your SNAP because you did not send back the IR form.
If you send in the IR form late but within 30 days of your case closing, DTA should reopen your SNAP case – but the benefits may be prorated as of the date they received the report if the delay was your fault.
If your SNAP closed at the point of Interim Report and less than 30 days have passed, you can send DTA your Interim Report instead of doing a whole new application. If more than 30 days since your case closed, file a new SNAP application.
If you did everything DTA asked you to do and your SNAP still closed, contact a DTA Office Supervisor, the Ombuds or file an appeal. See How can the DTA Ombuds Office help? and Appendix E .

Advocacy Reminders

  • Under federal rules DTA is required to send you a notice if they are stopping your SNAP at the point of Interim Report. 7 C.F.R. §273.12(a)(5)(iii)(D) and (E). You have a right to appeal if you think DTA should not have denied you (for example because you sent in verifications that were requested). You also have a right to get aid pending if you appeal within 10 days of the date of the notice. See What are my rights if DTA denies, cuts or stops my SNAP?.

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