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Can DTA decrease my SNAP if they get information from other agencies or from me?

Produced by Patricia Baker and Victoria Negus
Reviewed January 2018

When you are on Simplified Reporting, there are certain situations where DTA can make changes to your SNAP benefits between your application, Interim Report and Recertification. In general DTA can only make changes to your SNAP if they get information considered “verified upon receipt.” 7 C.F.R. §273.12(a)(5)(vi)(B)(2).

Examples include when:

  • DTA gets confirmation  about the death of a family member through the Dept. of Public Health (DPH) Vital Records, 
  • DTA gets confirmed information that the Department of Children and Families (DCF) has removed a child.
  • DTA gets confirmation from the Department of Corrections (DOC) that a household member has been incarcerated for 30 days or more. 
  • DTA gets confirmed information from the Social Security Administration (SSA) about an increase or other change in SSI or Social Security benefits. 

“Verified upon receipt” means that DTA does not need additional verification from you household or another source to reduce or terminate benefits. 

Sometimes there are errors with these data matches. For example, a Department of Corrections prison list may not have the correct date of release, or a child removed by DCF may have returned to the home. DTA should double check this information but problems have surfaced in the past. If your SNAP benefits mysteriously decrease and nothing in your household has changed, contact Legal Services. See Appendix E.  


Outside of your Interim Report and Recertification, DTA cannot generally take action on data sources that are not verified upon receipt. See How does DTA double-check income? 

However, DTA has taken the position that information you verify between your Interim Report and Recertification is to be treated as “verified upon receipt.” 106 CMR 366.110(C)(5)(2). It is important to only verify changes with DTA that will result in an increase in SNAP. For example, do not send DTA pay stubs showing your income has increased unless you are required to do so under Simplified Reporting rules. If DTA decreases your SNAP and you are worried the decrease is not correct, contact Legal Services. 

In general, DTA must give send you a notice at least 10 days in advance of the effective date of the change if they take action to reduce your SNAP (unrelated to the Interim Report or Recertification). 106 C.M.R. § 366.200

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