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Did you get a notice that says DTA put SNAP benefits in your account?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Created July 2020


If you got this notice, read on for more information.

I do not have an EBT card. How do I get one?

Call 1-844-786-5777.

I do not get SNAP now. What should I do?

You can reapply for SNAP any time:

  • Apply online or from a smartphone: Go to  (in 5 languages).

  • Apply by phone: Call DTA at [insert phone number} [based on timeline of notice going out, FNS waiver, etc.]   

  • Download a paper application (in 13 languages) and

    • Mail: Department of Transitional Assistance, PO Box 4066, Taunton, MA, 02780, or

    • Fax: 617-887-8765.

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You do not need to be getting SNAP now to get or use this benefit. If you do not want to apply for SNAP or you do not qualify right now, you can still use the one month of back SNAP.

Why did I get this back SNAP?

In the past, DTA said you had to meet ABAWD Work Rules to keep your SNAP (“Able Bodied Adult Without Dependents”). From 2016 to 2019, DTA cut-off  SNAP benefits for certain ABAWDs. When they stopped the SNAP benefits, DTA did not give ABAWDs at least 10 days to appeal and to keep their SNAP benefits during the appeal.

In 2019, a SNAP recipient took DTA to court. He sued on behalf of himself and other ABAWDs who did not get at least 10 days to appeal and to keep their SNAP benefits during the appeal.

Because of this lawsuit, DTA agreed to give these ABAWDs one month of back SNAP benefits. DTA also agreed to invite ABAWDs who do not get SNAP now to re-apply.


Right now, you do not need to meet the Work Rules to get SNAP or to keep SNAP.

How can I get help or more information?

Call DTA’s special number for people who got this notice: 1-844-786-5777, or

Email the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute: [email protected]. Add phone if timing works out. Massachusetts Law Reform Institute represented the SNAP recipient who took DTA to court. We are a legal aid program.

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