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Appendix A: Department of Transitional Assistance Executive Staff 2021

Produced by Deborah Harris, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Created December 2021
DTA Organizational Chart


Amy Kershaw

Agency Chief Information Officer
Anand Selveraj

Diversity & Equity Manager
Hiring in Process

Chief of Staff


Chief Operating Officer

Mary Sheehan

Deputy Commissioner for Field Operations

Frantz Monestime

Assistant Commissioner for Policy and Programs


Assistant Commissioner for Strategy & Organizational Effectiveness

Michael Cole

General Counsel

Koren Christensen

Director of External Affairs

Chris Power

Chief Financial Officer

Deb Thomas

Assistant Commissioner for Change Management

Sarah Stuart

Director of Food Security & Nutrition

Brittany Mangini

Assistance Commissioner for Compliance

Anne O'Sullivan


Communications Director

Alana Davidson


Human Resources

Samariah Batts-Speller

Northern Regional Director

Leonard Boyle

Director of Family & Economic Assistance

Megan Nicholls


Directory of Strategy & Project Management

Hiring in Process


Ombuds Director

Sara Craven

Diversity & Equity Manager

Hiring in Process

Eastern Regional Director

Sean Beasley

Director of Employment & Training Programs

Erin Quinn

Program Assessment Director



Administrative Unit Manager

Mary Skahen

Director of Operations

Michael Capone

Southern Regional Director

Sandra Pellicane


Analytics Manager

Jenkins Macedo


Hearings Director

Colin Connor

Internal Controls Director

Patrician Ghannam

Central Regional Director

Maria Deberadinis


Senior Research Analyst

Michael Fubini


Western Regional Director

Roxanne Smith-Miller


Senior Research Analyst

Eric Hansson


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