Can I get TAFDC?

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Reviewed December 2019

Can I get TAFDC?

The rules for getting TAFDC are complicated. In general, you must have little or no income. You must live in Massachusetts and be a parent living with your child, or be living with and taking care of a child you are related to, like your niece or grandchild or be at least 5 months pregnant.
Other important rules include:

  • You must be a US citizen or eligible noncitizen. If you cannot get TAFDC because of your immigration status, your children still might be able to.
  • Work rules, school attendance rules and immunization rules apply to some families.
  • You must meet DTA’s financial rules.

For more details about getting TAFDC in the Income and Benefits section of, see General Eligibility Rules of the TAFDC Advocacy Guide.

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