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If I get TAFDC are there other benefits?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed August 2023

Yes. When you get TAFDC you can get more than just monthly money.

Relocation benefit - Up to $1,000 for moving into a new home after living in shelter 60+ days.

Note: DTA does not give this money to you. You give DTA a signed paper that from the moving company or landlord says the amount due.  DTA pays the company for you.

What will the relocation benefit pay for?

Things that help you secure housing - like advance rent, security deposit, rent arrearage, utility arrearages or deposit, storage, and/or moving expenses.

Crib and layette allowance - $300 for babies under 6 months old who are eligible for TAFDC.

Clothing allowance - In September, you get $450 for each TAFDC-eligible child (under 19 years old) in your household. If you are already on TAFDC, you do not have to apply – the allowance is automatic. Learn more about the clothing allowance in the Income Benefits section of MassLegalHelp.

Funeral and burial costs - If a loved one dies you may be able to get up to $1,100 for costs of $3,500 or less.

Transportation allowance - If you are in an Employment Services Program activity through DTA, you may be able to get $80 each month as a transportation allowance.

Rent/mortgage allowance - If you pay for private, unsubsidized housing, you can get $40 each month for a rent or mortgage allowance.

Moving out of state – Sometimes DTA can help pay moving costs if you need to move out of state.

Note: if you move out state, you should stop your TAFDC in Massachusetts.

Check with your domestic violence advocate to see if money is available.

Health and childcare coverage after TAFDC - If you lose your TAFDC because your income goes up, you are still covered by MassHealth for another 12 months.  You can still get childcare for 12 months if you are working, or 6 months if you are in a training program. After your free child care runs out you may be able to skip the waitlist and be “rolled over” to subsidized childcare.

Discounts to museums and cultural activities- Show your EBT card and get into museums and events free or at a discount through the "EBT Card to Culture" program.  Find the list of over 100 activities on the State's Website.

Discount rates on utilities and telephone services - If you get TAFDC, you may be able to get discount rates on utilities if your utility company is “regulated.”  You can also get a free phone from SafeLink Lifeline.
➢ Look at your bills to see if you are getting the discount rate.  To apply for discount utility rates, call your gas and/or electric company and ask for an application from each company you get services from. 
➢ Apply for Safelink Lifeline.

Find more information about discount utilities in the Income and Benefits section of MassLegalHelp

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